6 Months in China

The following is just a snippet to some questions I was asked about my current experience in China:

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A Swinging start to the New Year

A slightly belated new year’s post but since it’s currently now Chinese new year, it does seem a bit appropriate to post this now as opposed to never!
So from a bluesy house party in fairly formal clothes at the start of 2016, then ending up in a pyjama party in a south east cuisine restaurant which held a swing party seems like a very appropriate finish.

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They just call me Jack.

Hello and welcome, I’ve been putting off creating a blog for quite some time but I feel a bit of routine would be quite nice.

First things first though, who am I?

Well simply put my full name is Jack Heavenor, yes my surname is legit as opposed to a stage name I could’ve possibly made up on the spot. I’m half Chinese and half Scottish, much of what I dabble in is very much centred around the Arts; music, dancing and drawing. I’ll be posting ramblings, musings but probably a lot of photos.

Where am I currently?

A few months ago I enrolled in a placement program (https://www.placementyear.org) to both join my partner over in China as she furthers her studies whereas my initial goal was to dive deeper into my Chinese heritage. Safe to say we both managed to secure our respective entries and on September 4th (5th for her) we said our farewells to home and departed for China. At the moment I’m based in Wuxi and just coming to the end of my intensive Chinese language course, with just over a month to go it is always surprising how efficient “intensive” courses end up being. However initially my placement was going to begin early January but as I’m writing this now, I’ll be starting weekend shifts in just 4 days time. So there’ll be quite a bit of travelling and balancing to come shortly!

Finally what do I aim to do?

I have no clue but that is one of the reasons why I’m wishing to start writing regularly on this blog. I’ve worked in retail mostly being reliant on my knack for customer service however I always just saw it as something on the side. I’ve been working away at my own artwork digitally and traditionally since January 2012 and since then I have managed to enjoy being able to sell those pieces. Albeit not as frequently as an artist would like but nonetheless I’ve been very privileged to nurture what I can look back at now as the beginning of my artistic journey. Although now from being in China for more than two months I do feel there’s a very internal feeling of wanting to connect with the culture more and more. More so that upon coming here I haven’t felt an extreme case of homesickness. It has actually been quite the opposite, sure I do miss the Glaswegian accent wherever I go but I feel such a strong sense of self here which I only could explain that I felt half as much back home. It really is fascinating what travelling does but even more so what having two cultural backgrounds can allow.


So with all that being said, I do hope you enjoy your stay on here.